Technical parameters

SATJAM-ROOF-tabulka.png Technical parameters
SATJAM Roof in design Plus

SATJAM-ROOF-tabulka-plus.png Colours in detail here

SATJAM Roof is a modern roofi ng tile with universal utilisation and very high resistance to all weather effects, including heavy hailstorms. It is very popular with clients due to its excellent utility features and a very favourable price/quality ratio. Lightweight roofi ng tiles SATJAM Roof are manufactured in strips with a total length of up to 6,000 mm. They are supplied on the basis of an installation plan prepared by us. Due to state-of-the-art technologies it is possible to change the length and height of the corrugation, so that it can be adjusted according to lathing or according to specifi c aesthetic requirements of the client. The minimum roof slope is 10°.

Soft Line system

With low roof slopes, moisture can rise in longitudinal joints between two tiles, under certain circumstances. Therefore, SATJAM Roof tiles are provided with two safety drainage grooves – one in the top corrugation and one in the bottom corrugation. Therefore, the roof space is perfectly protected against the random penetration of moisture.

Basic Accessories

Ridge Tile Straight, HRT120, HRT170 Ridge Tile, HRS Eaves Flashing, OP170
Wall Flashing, OZ313 Flat Sheet, TAB1250x2000 Wall Corner, SN 146
Wall Corner, inner, SK146 Snow Fencing, SZ80 Valley, U230
Side Flashing, ZL120 Side Flashing, ZLS