Technical parameters
SATJAM Bond Metalic


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SATJAM Bond Metalic

Satjam Bond Metalic is a roofi ng material for a wide variety of uses in roof reconstruction, the construction of new family houses, and also civic buildings or commercial buildings. Due to the small template dimensions, the roofi ng material is especially useful for complex roof shapes, but it also stands out on simple roofs. Light roofi ng tiles SATJAM Bond Metalic without mineral spreading are manufactured in templates with dimensions specifi ed in the table. They are supplied on the basis of an installation plan prepared by us. We will also gladly answer any of your questions related to the construction and the functionality of the roof. Due to the small dimensions and low weight of tiles we can transport your roof within an area of 160 m2, on only three palettes. Therefore, you will save costs for material transportation, as well as installation costs, because the installation is very quick and simple.

Basic Accessories


Roof Tile, SBE-ST, 0,39 m2 Ridge Tile, start, SBE-HPP Ridge Tile, ending, SBE-HPU
Ridge Tile „V“, SBE-HV Ridge Tile, SBE-HP Eaves Flashing, SBE-OP
Wall Flashing, left/right, SBE-OZL/P Flat Sheet, stone coated, SBE-RP Valley, U230
  Side Flashing, left/right, SBE-ZLL/P