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SATJAM Rapid roofi ng material consisting of panels based on the folded shape of roof coverings enlarges our current range of roof coverings. SATJAM Rapid is suitable for both new construction and reconstruction, but stands out especially in the modern architecture of low slope rooftops. SATJAM Rapid is available in two standard widths of 310 and 510 mm. These two made in combination with the overall design and very quick laying procedure will surely fi nd fans quickly among individual investors and builders, as well as among fi rms. This new product comes in standard fi nishes and is now available in the Satpur 50 and PurmatR models with a 30-year warranty*. It is laid on 240 mm battens or on boarding and comes with a complete range of standard drainage accessories.

Basic Accessories
SATJAM-RAPID-hrebenac-rovny.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-zavetrna-lista.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-zavetrna-lista-plocha.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-oplechovani-ke-zdi.jpg
SATJAM-RAPID-uzlabi.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-okapni-plech.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-drzak-hrebenace-perforovany.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-drzak-hrebenace-nizky.jpg
SATJAM-RAPID-odvetravaci-taska.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-kominek-pro-odvod-plynu.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-odvetravaci-kominek.jpg SATJAM-RAPID-antenni-prostup.jpg