Roofing systems

What is the lifetime of sheet-metal roofing tiles?
The lifetime of sheet-metal roofing tiles depends on the aggressiveness of the environment where they are used, on the selected surface treatment, and on the observance of proper installation procedures. In standard conditions, it could be 30-50 years, but with proper and regular maintenance, the lifetime may even reach 80 years.
Are sheet-metal roofing tiles suitable for mountain/submountain regions?
Yes, and very much so. The tradition of using sheet-metal roofing tiles in mountain regions is very old and well-proven. However, it is recommended to discuss the type of the surface treatment used and the assortment of accessories and safety elements. Only in this way is it possible to meet the conditions for a long lifetime for the whole roof cladding.
If the surface treatment on roofing tiles is damaged during installation, is it possible to repair it?
Yes. Ideally using an original correction paint or a repair kit for tiles with spreading. Repairs must be performed as soon as possible, using a thin brush, and it is necessary to observe the instructions on correction paints and the repair kit.
How can the roofing material be divided?
We recommend that varnished-sheet roofing tiles should be cut with an electric cutter or with electric tin shears. Small adjustments and cuttings may be done using standard tinman's sheers. We recommend that roofing tiles with spreading should be cut using lever shears. In both cases, it is forbidden to use an angle grinder.
In what lengths are the roofing materials supplied?
ROOF and Grande are large-format roofing materials and they are supplied in strips up to 6 m, according to consumer requirements. For simple handling and transportation, we always recommend that you use lengths of up to 4.5 m. Bond is a small-format roofing material, and it is supplied in the form of individual templates with the dimensions 1.020 x 450 mm.