Technical parameters
SATJAM Bond Exclusive


 Natural mineral surface

SATJAM Bond Exclusive

SATJAM Bond Exclusive is a highquality, cost-effective roofi ng system. It is distinguished by its original shape, colour and surface treatment. Its 80-year lifetime and 30-year guarantee are also very impressive. Due to the small template dimensions, the roofi ng tile is especially useful for complex roof shapes, but it also stands out on simple roofs. The minimum roof slope is 12°. After a consultation with our engineers, it will be possible to use the roofi ng material for even smaller slopes. For more information on installation techniques, see the installation manual.

Basic Accessories


Roof Tile, SBE-ST, 0,39 m2 Ridge Tile, start, SBE-HPP Ridge Tile, ending, SBE-HPU
Ridge Tile „V“, SBE-HV Ridge Tile, SBE-HP Eaves Flashing, SBE-OP
Wall Flashing, left/right, SBE-OZL/P Flat Sheet, stone coated, SBE-RP Valley, U230
  Side Flashing, left/right, SBE-ZLL/P