Trapezoidal sheets

What are the advantages of using trapezoidal sheets with anti-condensation surface treatment?
The anti-condensation feature is provided by means of non-woven fabric applied to the reverse side of the profile. This layer absorbs the formed condensate and prevents it from dripping into the interior. This solution is especially useful for non-heated halls, thus eliminating the need to use diffusion foil, which is often expensive and technically complicated.
Can trapezoidal sheets be shaped into arcs?
There are several methods of shaping trapezoidal sheet into arcs. During production, this can be done by vaulting or by segmentation – however, Satjam does not supply such products. Trapezoidal sheets can also partially be bent directly at the construction site. The rule of thumb is that the radius of the arc in metres must be equal at least to the height of the profile in milimetres.
What is the load-bearing capacity of trapezoidal sheets?
The load-bearing capacity of trapezoidal profiles depends on a number of variables: on profile height, on type of profile, on raw material used, on its quality, on the method and span of installation. Exact values, taking into account this input information, are specified in statistical tables.
For what minimum roof slope can trapezoidal sheets be used?
The standard ČSN 73 1901 specifies that the lowest safe slope of trapezoidal-sheet roofing is 8°. In some cases – provided that the roofing is not divided perpendicular to the contour, and provided that the joints are duly sealed, it is possible to use trapezoidal sheets at a slope of 5°. However, it is necessary to consult any such case beforehand.
Are sheet-metal roofing tiles suitable for mountain/submountain regions?
Yes, and very much so. The tradition of using sheet-metal roofing tiles in mountain regions is very old and well-proven. However, it is recommended to discuss the type of the surface treatment used and the assortment of accessories and safety elements. Only in this way is it possible to meet the conditions for a long lifetime for the whole roof cladding.